Youth Events

We Provide a variety of Classes, Workshops, & Camps for youth and adults of all ages.  If you would like to schedule a class, camp, or workshop please contact us for details.

Students will learn various technical and social skills, demonstrate these skills, and then use them to create a finished video product they are able to keep and display after the workshop is complete. The purpose of these workshops is to integrate technology education into the lives of these students, teaching them valuable skills that can be used throughout their lifetime.

These workshops not only provide enrichment activities focused on technology, but reinforce positive social interaction among peers.

Our High School aged Social Media Creators Club allows students to create a positive narrative in a highly volatile World of influence.  Request a program at your school or community center today!

Skills: How to create video content (Story board/scripting, dslr camera operation, green screen set up, video editing, post production)

Duration: Workshops are catered to client/student need. Minimum 2 hours. Suggested 3-4 hours for a half day, 6-8 hours for intensive workshop.

youtube creators club
Creators Club @ The Block (Upland)
Socia Media Creators Club - La Sierra HS (Riverside)
Video Production with You Tube Creators Club
YouTube Creators Club @ The Lab - Lake Elsinore - 1:45 - 3:15
Make Great Pictures! Elementary Ages (Brea) 16 weeks
Photography & Business Basics - Middle/High School (Brea) 8 weeks 2 hour class
YouTube Creators Club (Brea)
Journey The Learning Space (Riverside)
HomeSchool Enrichement Centers (San Diego)
Free Middle/High School Workshop @TheLAB (Lake Elsinore)
YouTube Creators Club Virtual Class Launch! (Virtual)
Free Workshop @TheLAB (Lake Elsinore)
MISLA (Los Angeles)
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